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Increase connections and interactions, also conversions

A smart choice that could let your team to handle customer calls and queues as quickly as possible. Quickly respond to incoming prospects, while actively managing and nurturing existing opportunities and contacts.

Voice Mails

Personalize your greetings or specific voice messages for each phone number you have.

Working Hours

Operate your call center based on the specific times and days that suit your business. You can always adjust to scale.

Multilevel IVR

Set up a fully flexible PBX system that capable for easily routing calls to your Agent or team, get along with the ability to include self service options to customers.

Phone Lines

Share one phone number across multiple users and answer incoming phone calls from any phone, anywhere.

Call Center Mobile App

With Barantum Call Center Software, you can make or receive calls anywhere and anytime, even when you are traveling. Currently the application is available on Android and iOS.

Set Ringback Tone

You can customize the message while waiting in a queue, or use your time while waiting by displaying new products, services, or announcements.

Real Time Dashboard

View call queue, Agent availability information, and ongoing calls. You can even monitor or join on ongoing calls at any time.

Monitor Every Calls

Monitor calls in real time to see how quickly your team can help the callers.

Monitor and Interference

You can log in at any time to talk to callers and Agents simultaneously while monitoring calls.


Filter by call details, status and other metrics. Effectively analyze the overall performance of your Call Center with the real-time data.

Automations Call Recording

You can record special calls that have to be recorded, save data and view call logs for each subscriber call. You can use this next in order to monitoring and training purposes.

Call Queue Visibility

You can view a list of callers who are waiting in the queue to speak with the Agent. Take the corrective action to ensure that the callers did not wait too long.

Create a Satisfying Communicating Experience

Each customer is unique and must be handled differently by understanding their business needs. Get access to multiple functions on Software Call Center Barantum that that allows your business to deliver great customer engagement experience.

Features to improve the performance of your call center

With a variety of features, your team can now easily manage customer calls and collaborate with internal teams in a more organized manner.

Incoming Call ID

View detailed information about each incoming call based on caller details and previous interactions with your business.

Customer Interaction History

View the history of conversations from the oldest to the newest between your Agent and your customers, to analyze and improve the service quality.

Conference Calls

Prevent escalation and reduce call transfer by adding an Agent to your ongoing calls so that it will better assist the callers.

After Call Work

After-call work (ACW) are tasks that a Call Center Agent must complete after customer interaction. Use the ACW feature to ensure your Agent is thorough with Agent conversations with customers and remains productive.

Upcoming Call Transfer

When transferring call, the system provides information sufficient about customer problems to the agency so that agents know the customer's problem in detail and eventually provide the experience of satisfying service to the customer.

Quick Access

In addition to seeing caller details, get the ability to record and automatically add them to customer interaction history after the call.

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