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Our company has a multi-talented team that is ready to adapt to the development of the business sector. The experts were able to give an overview of the analysis of the development of the business and the products of several divisions such as marketing, sales and service to customers. The main thing that has always been a priority of Barantum is the quality of software that is developed by Barantum and productivity in the workplace. We strongly believe in the importance of recognizing and appreciating someone's talents and the need to facilitate someone's work to make them more motivated at work so that they can achieve the targets that are expected together.


The characteristics of work that Barantum applies are divided into three things: a great curiosity to learn new things, a solid teamwork ability and a tough personality. The spirit at work, creativity and responsibility are needed to ensure success in overcoming every new challenge that we face together. If you are challenged to change the world with technology to manage sales, this is the place you were looking for.

Get the big incentives and bonus

Barantum develops by creating a pleasant work atmosphere with the hope that all employees are always eager to work to achieve bonus and incentives.

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The Barantum Culture

What we believe in and what we stand for

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Enjoyable Work Environment

Barantum creates a pleasant work atmosphere so that you can work professionally in the team, in order to maximize the company's productivity in achieving the goals of mutual success.

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Working Together in One Time

To work and to be part of the team is something that looks real in Barantum. By working together in a team, we will be able to learn from each other and work solidly and in the end we could achieve our dreams with Barantum.

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Dare to Take the Risk

Barantum are always try to explore new ideas to create various ways of working that always be adapt to the times that ultimately bring success with Barantum.

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Fast Actions

Barantum focuses on making a quick and precise decision accompanied by targeted actions.

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Barantum are openly accept a new ideas, being proactive but still respecting each other. Therefore, Barantum is always open to healthy discussion and debate and prefers to always communicate with fellow colleagues so that all things can be resolved properly and correctly.

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Customer First

Barantum are focus to getting the higher satisfaction level by the customer experience using CRM and Software Call Center Barantum.

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