Waterco: Manage Report Data More Effectively with the Barantum System

While using the Barantum system, the Waterco team found it helpful because this system emphasizes effectiveness and is easy to use.

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The Barantum system prioritizes effectiveness so that it helps to achieve higher sales targets.

Fajar Nugroho Widiyanto General Manager Waterco

Ease of Making Business Reports with the Barantum System

PT Waterco Indonesia (hereinafter referred to as Waterco) was established in 2005 and is a branch of PT Waterco Limited Sidney which was established in 1981. As the development of equipment for swimming pools progresses, Waterco provides swimming pool equipment, clean water treatment and aquaculture that are environmentally friendly. So it can save water, time, and energy users.

The product features that Waterco offers range from MultiCyclone Centrifugal Filters, Micron ECO Filters, Variable Speed ​​Pumps, Glass Pearls Filter Media, Robotic Cleaners, Pool & Spa, Water Treatment, Aquaculture, to Eco Products. Waterco's various quality products already have a lot of enthusiasts. So Waterco needs a system that can help its team in making daily reports.

“We have never used any system before. To record even still using the manual method. So, we still use Excel and Word for daily reports for our sales team," said Fajar Nugroho Widyanto, General Manager of PT Waterco Indonesia, who has worked at Waterco for 17 years, since 2005.

In assisting with reporting activities, Waterco decided to choose the Barantum CRM system. Barantum CRM has a report management feature that can be accessed in real time and is able to store data centrally in one system.

While using Barantum, said Fajar, the Waterco team felt helped, especially with the Barantum system which prioritizes effectiveness, efficiency and is very easy to use. "As the coordinator, I can supervise and control at the same time how the team uses this system to make daily reports."

Not only in terms of system quality that helps ease Waterco's business operations, Barantum's customer service is also very responsive. “When I want to discuss certain matters, Barantum is very responsive. Barantum is very fast and responsive, so I am very satisfied with this Barantum. In completing their duties and responsibilities, Barantum is also very fast, "said Fajar.

Anym Dede also shared a similar opinion. S, Marketing Supervisor of PT Waterco Indonesia, who is very experienced and has worked at Waterco since 2007. Dede feels that since using the Barantum system, work activities have become easier. "Once we use the Barantum CRM system, it's easier for us to set a work rhythm for meetings, make meeting schedules, and the data can be checked again for the past."

Dede explained that using the Barantum system made it easy for him to check the team's KPIs at any time, easily check how many sales had not been successful, and the number of successful bids. "Before using Barantum, we didn't know the leads, we didn't know what our offer was, we didn't know how much our sales were. But, once we use Barantum, we can see the number of sales per day, per week, per month, even per year, we can know the KPIs."

The ease felt by Dede and the team at Waterco made Dede feel satisfied working with Barantum. "They are very fast at serving it, when we have problems, they come or they can be contacted via telephone and the response is very fast."

On the other hand, Fajar also feels the same way as Dede. He said that in this digital era the Barantum system is very good and useful for business. So it is important to use it to help streamline business operations.

Now is the time for your business to experience the benefits of the Barantum CRM system.

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