Benefit of Call Center Software in various Industry

Barantum CRM Solution and Call Center Software by Industry

With a system that is stable, completed feature and competitive price. Many companies have entrusted CRM and Barantum Call Center Software as part of the system to support their business. The companies that covers 25 sectors of industry. This following are the benefits and importance of Call Center technology in various industries.

Call Center for Health Organization

From increasing patient satisfaction to reducing operational costs and telecommunication costs, Call Centers are ultimately contributing to the development of the healthcare industry. Until now, more and more healthcare businesses have chosen to implement a Cloud-based Call Center system to improve data optimization and patient satisfaction, such as speeding up response times to patients and outsiders, and introducing effective and efficient workflows.

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What is a Call Center?

Call Center system is a centralized information system that functions to receive and send a large number of requests via telephone. Call Center is operated by the company as a service regulator that supports Product Incoming (Order Taking, customer service, support, etc.) and analyzes various data and information about consumers (data verification, survey). Call Center aims to develop company performance and reduce telecommunication budget, standardize telephone service, and uniform service for customers. By implementing a Call Center system in your organization, your employees can more easily understand what is required of them before, and after, their interactions with patients.

Benefits of using Barantum Call Center

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Strive to improve the customer experience, especially when the central Agent makes calls and provides appropriate and accurate information. Barantum Call Center Software will streamline the data processing structure, this can increase customer retention. By analyzing the recordings in the Call Center, observing and evaluating customer feedback about products and services. Ultimately you can identify customer needs and be able to deliver a significant customer experience.

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Enhanced Customer Service Management

When your customers need help or when they face any kind of problem regarding your product or service, your company's Call Center is the first place they can go to for professional assistance. When customers call you, they expect you to handle it quickly, efficiently, and professionally with customer information records stored in the system.
This is where Barantum Call Center Software comes in. It will route calls based on product or service category, customer location and will ensure that the best agent handles it.

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Increase Productivity And Efficiency

A Call Center system will help increase overall productivity and allow phone calls to be handled efficiently. Barantum Call Center Software enables every Call Center Agent within the Hospital to handle all incoming and outgoing calls quickly and easily.

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Cost Reduction

Increased productivity and efficiency ultimately reduces telephone operating costs as it takes less time and a source of power for me managing the service of the customer . Call Center Software Barantum answers the problems above.

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Barantum Call Center for Health Organization

Based on the reasons above, it is finally known that hospitals and other health care providers need to conduct an evaluation, particularly on how they can promote overall patient satisfaction. The evaluation needs to be continued with the existence of a good work system and procedure. Hospitals and other healthcare establishments that are finding this opportunity are working to modernize their call center services, using Cloud-based Call Center Software so they can actively and efficiently engage with every patient who makes a call, and can create a better healthcare experience for their patients.

Why the Automotive Industries Needs Call Center Software

Globalization and economic development in the last decades have significantly increased people's purchasing power. One industry that has benefited is the automotive sector. Owning a vehicle has become a necessity for most people today. The increasing demand for vehicles has also provided a boost to the supporting industry. All of this will ultimately increase competition in the automotive industries. Providing professional services quickly and precisely to customers is a challenge for players in this industry.

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Call Center being solutions to various challenges that have been faced by the Industrial Automotive lately.

Considerations Before Purchasing

Cars are high-value commodities that require careful consideration including browsing the manufacturer's web, making options, research, steering tests etc. before buying them. In this situations having a proactive conservation will help to quickly answer any questions the consumer may have. This is why you need Barantum Call Center Software, because it can immediately answer the needs of potential customers.

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After researching and selecting a vehicle, consumers will make a purchase. Payment in installments is the preferred method of payment for almost all consumers. For dealers, it is important to ensure that the customer does not miss this payment. In addition, it gives them the opportunity to cross-sell as well because, in the case of a large dealer, they usually offer the whole package - financing options, any additional equipment and / or after sales service. So, having an integrated system such as Barantum CRM Software and other third party systems may be required at the dealer side. Providing the entire package increases the likelihood of maintaining a long-term relationship with the customer.

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After Sales Services

Service after the sale is part of the most important in a business where the experience of the consumer becomes the point of measuring the success of a business that is sustainable . Service Call Center Barantum be a solution professional for actors in the industry is to provide services that maximum to consumers they are among others with :

Dealerships maintain the record of all the automobiles that they have sold. By integrating the Barantum Call center software with a BarantumCRM Software the dealerships can easily manage and use this data. For instance, a customer who has recently purchased a car from the dealership calls in and requests to update his email id. The call center agent will simply enter the registered mobile number and all the customer details with pop-up with the help of computer telephony integration (CTI). Now the agent can edit the information and it will be saved in real-time. Thus, improving the response time and resolutionrate.

Dealerships would want the customers to make the payments on time as it affects their cash flows. That’s where a call center software comes into the picture. You can set automated payment reminders across multiple channels such as call, email or SMS. This will be beneficial in two ways a) timely payments and b) the customers will appreciate the brand taking care of them.

Apart from all the above mentioned used, the dealerships might also need a call centersystem for basic communication purposes. For example, there is some issue with a part of the vehicle and the cars from a certain batch needs to be recalled. Having the agents to call all the customers individually will be time consuming. Instead, it’s better to run a voice blast campaign on the said lead list. Additionally, the same can also be used to inform prospects and customers of any upcoming/ongoing offers.

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Barantum Call Center for Automotive Industries

Barantum Call Center Software as the Answer to the Guarantee of High Customer Satisfaction in the Automotive Industries. Customer satisfaction is the end of a business series from sales to after sales service. Satisfaction is a measuring point for long-term business continuity with each customer. The use of Barantum Call Center Software guarantees customer satisfaction to the maximum level.

Overcoming Customer Support Challenges in the Travel Industry

The travel and tourism industry has experienced huge growth in recent years. This growth has been accelerated by the development of the digital world, where tourists use a digital system to get all detailed information about their planned trip or tourism. This transforms traditional business systems into digital systems.
Adapting to digital change will ultimately present its own set of challenges such as:

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Plan and Book a Trips

Changes in the ordering process from conventional to digital without limited space and time. This change raises the challenge of how to make the customer experience very comfortable so that it can breed loyalty and be able to attract other potential customers into your next business.
Using Barantum Call Center Software provides a solution to answer this challenge . By displaying the number phone which can be contacted at any time on the web then it will make the customers easily communicate and you can guide the prospective customers in accordance with their needs.

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Tourist Independence

In this all-digital era, including the travel and tourism industry, the speed and accuracy of solutions are very important. The benchmark for customer satisfaction is the speed and accuracy of the response, which makes them feel very professionally served.
By providing a help center on your website, this will help the prospect to shorten the time they need to find the solution they are looking for. Barantum Call Center Software answers that need.

Lack of Personalization

Professional service to provide customer satisfaction is something that is absolutely achieved by players in this industry ). It is important to determine whether the customer would be a customer or not based on the experience that they get in the interaction of these.
Analyzing customer behavior and identifying work patterns that allow the support team to work effectively is one way of managing customer requests properly. Having all customer data and information at the first time the customer communicates with travel officers, in the end will be the best way to empower the travel staff's ability to provide all the correct information to customers. For example, if guests prefer to book a hotel room on the 5th floor or above, but for one reason or another, this time the room is booked on the 3rd floor.With the integration of the systems listed in Barantum Call Center Software with Barantum CRM, the Support Team You will have access to the customer in accordance with the previous customer's ordering behavior by identifying the pattern earlier.

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Crisis Management

Traveling can be a long process for someone. Because in it there are several activities such as managing documents, packing luggage, arranging transportation to name a few, etc. Above all, if some unexpected incident happened, it would lead to quite a panic situation. In the end, if this condition is not handled properly, then this could become a problem that has the potential to become bigger because it was not predicted beforehand.
Provide travelers with a hotline number to connect directly with support staff. For example, Mr. Z who was traveling solo internationally lost his suitcase and had a connecting flight within the next 2 hours. Making him wait so long would only make the situation worse. Thus, it is important to provide a hotline for customers to connect directly with the Agent in case of an emergency. If you are able to handle a crisis effectively, it will instill trust in the minds of the customer and they will eventually become loyal customers to your brand.

Call Center Software in the FinTech Industry

The banking landscape has changed over time and FinTech has built its strength in the market with a strong digital foundation to meet unmet financial needs. The majority of financial service providers share a common strategy for transferring control to customers. While people who are short of money, immigrants, students find closed bank doors for their needs. It was during such conditions that FinTech proved to be their savior. Because usually the customer demand varies considerably from one region to another. For this reason, Fintech institutions must be able to provide solutions to the needs of customers who do not have access to the formal banking system. This is especially so for people turned tech geeks and want everything at their fingertips. To help those who do not have a bank account in managing their finances better, the FinTech industry is proven to be one of the best alternative solutions for the concerned customers. For this reason, a strong Call Center Software is needed as a fortress that serves to calm the growing needs of these people.

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But, Why Call Center Software?

The answer is simple, because it takes a service that is consistent to be able cope with changes in the needs and expectations of the customers.

When a student is coming in for a loan, she can update the documents through the mobile app but the journey does not end here. The student seeks assistance from an agent about the terms and conditions, the policy amount, the installments to be paid and in-app chat does not suffice her needs.When the money is involved, it becomes a critical issue, let a call center agent serve the students’ need instantly and assure her of the best services.

Sunaryo, feels disappointed when he paid money for a product/service through mobile wallet but it does not reflect in his notifications. When the money is deducted, it leads to so many queries and Sunaryo have no clue about whom to reach, where to register a complaint, whom to call?And, that’s when his customer experience is compromised. A call center software for his complaint redressal will drive Sunaryo’s faith and he will become a loyal customer when an agent is there to resolve his problem.

Each customer is unique in their own way and so are their needs. Once the customer decides to opt for a loan, the bundle of queries should be addressed instantly. When the customer can’t find answers on the website, they seek assistance from the financial service provider. Provide gates for the customer to reach you and walk them through the entire process while simplifying their journey. With prompt response via Email notifications, chat, and call, deliver the experience that they are looking for.According to astudy by Google,61% of mobile users still prefer to call the business when they are in the purchase phase of the buying cycle.

Yes, text messages work but you know what works better? A call. If a customer is reminded of the installments or introduced to a new exciting offer, customers feel valued and they take interest in your services. An intelligent debt collection software can streamline the collection process and customers could be notified with a quick call before the deadline approaches.

How is Call Center Software could resolve this problem

Millennials, who have greater power, are looking for the right communication channel to answer their problems in the banking sector. And FinTech sees this as an opportunity or opportunity that cannot be missed in its efforts to build high trust like a banking institution. Therefore, in order for things to go well and right, give full strength to your agent with Barantum Call Center Software solutions. Because the media will be a powerful weapon for your agent to be able to compete with other banking institutions.

Let Agents Know Their Customers

A safe and promising banking environment, it would be nice if it was equipped with a good set of tools. Where one of the tools is like a CRM application. The implementation is, when a customer comes to find out the status of their loan agreement, an Agent should not have to feel confused about it. A customer information preview that includes the selected loan type will help the Agent resolve any questions asked of the customer's needs.

Provide a Safe Banking Environment

The customer experience isn't an easy game, but you can take advantage of Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) to intelligently route callers to the right department ensuring first-call resolution. Route callers to Agents based on their data, IVR selection, specified working hours, Agent availability, and customer preferences easily and provide them with a smooth experience.When customer A calls asking for loan approval status and customer B calls for verification process, they both have different needs, so they can be transferred to the most suitable Agent.

Connect Customers with Right Agent

Customers provide their important information and invest their money on loan terms only if they trust your brand. Acquiring and retaining customers is a challenge for financial service providers because traditional banks have an edge in the security of their information. The FinTech industry sees the underbanked as an opportunity that has been missed by entering the traditional banking industry. This gives millennials more power to seek specialized services in any type of their banking experience. Call Center Software Solutions ensure that students, immigrants and people who are in need of money can meet the financial banking system that connects borrowers and investors.

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