PT Dharma Guna Wibawa: Success in Managing Employees and Reaching Customers in Remote Countries with the Barantum System

PT DGW decided to switch to Barantum because it is able to do offline transactions, is flexible, and has dynamic technology.

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The Barantum team always responds quickly in serving the DGW team's problems within 24 hours from the various available communication channels.

Deni Dharmawan Marketing Communication Analyst PT Dharma Guna Wibawa (DGW)
The Barantum team always responds quickly in serving the DGW team's problems within 24 hours from the various available communication channels.
Deni Dharmawan Marketing Communication Analyst PT Dharma Guna Wibawa (DGW)

Established since 2001, PT Dharma Guna Wibawa (DGW) is a company that aims to answer various agricultural challenges in Indonesia. PT Dharma Guna Wibawa is committed to continuing to contribute to helping advance agriculture in Indonesia. As a company engaged in the field of agrochemicals and a fertilizer company as well as a supplier of plant seeds and agricultural equipment, PT DGW has customers from all over the country


In reaching all corners of the country, we need a system that can be used anywhere and anytime. Not only difficulties in accessing the system, PT DGW experienced problems in data retrieval where the data could not be retrieved, especially the company's database. Data that cannot be retrieved or exported is detrimental to the company because the data becomes meaningless.


PT DGW is trying to find a solution related to the problems experienced until the company decides to switch to the Barantum system. The Barantum system solves PT DGW's problems and becomes a solution to the problems they face.

  • Mobile Apps
    Not only can it be accessed on a computer or laptop, Barantum provides a mobile version of the system. So that this system is flexible to use anywhere and anytime, especially for sales agents who work in the field.
  • User Friendly
    Barantum realizes how important a system is that is easy to use for all ages and in any profession. So that the appearance of the system is made as simple as possible to facilitate the use of its users
  • Report Management
    Ease of accessing and obtaining data is crucial for companies. With the Barantum system, companies can get all data entered by agents wherever they are in real time. So that the company is able to innovate and evaluate the business quickly and precisely.
  • Export Data
    Companies can export data and get it in 1 - 2 minutes.
  • 24 Hour Service
    No one knows when a crash may occur. Therefore, Barantum provides 24-hour service for you to consult regarding the problems you are facing.


After using the Barantum system, PT DGW's operations have become more practical. Barantum is needed by businesses, especially when business has been increasingly disrupted, especially with the pandemic. So that business activities switch to online and unpredictable. The following is the opinion of DGW staff after using the Barantum system.

"So, we decided to switch to Barantum, one of which is Barantum's ability to do offline transactions. Apart from that, we also found various advantages, including flexibility and very mature technology to facilitate very dynamic business needs.” (Bastian Sulistiyo, Group IT Manager at PT DGW)

A similar opinion was also expressed by Deni Dharmawan, Marketing Communication Analyst, who has experienced increased productivity in his team since using Barantum.

“This Barantum application has greatly increased the productivity of our team. Because the application is very mobile friendly, easy to use, especially in a matter of one to two minutes, we can get data in the area and we will use that data to make future decisions. Automatic productivity increases. Barantum offers a solution so we can pull up the database and we can use it for future analysis.” (Deni Dharmawan, Marketing Communication Analyst)

In addition to a good system, it needs to be followed by good service too. According to Deni, the Barantum team is extraordinary because it provides 24-hour service in one day which can be accessed, either via the website, WhatsApp, or telephone directly to the Barantum call center number. So that if there are problems in the field can be quickly resolved. In just a few minutes, the problem can be solved immediately.

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