Barantum CRM Call Center: Increase SiCepat Call Center Service Up to 45%

The existence of the Barantum system allows SiCepat Ekspres to implement IVR thereby increasing efficiency by up to 45%.

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With Barantum collaborating with SiCepat, we can achieve 45% efficiency because incoming calls can be answered by IVR.

Syara Head of Customer Service SiCepat Ekspress

SiCepat Ekspres' Secret of Success in Optimizing Call Center Services

PT SiCepat Ekspres Indonesia or as we call it SiCepat Ekspres is the best shipping service company in Indonesia which was founded in 2014. SiCepat Ekspres is one of the multinational expedition services that is the prima donna of the community. This is because SiCepat Ekspres is able to send packages within 15 hours to all cities in Indonesia without additional costs.

The development of SiCepat Ekspres from year to year is increasingly significant. One of them is in terms of call center services. They do this to provide the best service for their customers.

SiCepat's ability to keep up with the times

It is undeniable that at this time many expedition services have sprung up. Thus tightening the competition in the business industry. However, this did not stop SiCepat Ekspres from continuing to innovate and evaluate its business. Until it is proven, now SiCepat Ekspres is able to survive in the midst of existing business competition.

One of the advances of SiCepat Ekspres is seen in its customer service which is increasingly satisfying the people's hearts. At first, this company had difficulties in using the on premise call center system. This is because in terms of network stability, storage and server maintenance, as well as customization and technical constraints, it is difficult for SiCepat Ekspres to focus on the call center function.

“Previously, the system we used was not flexible enough to manage data, which resulted in very limited business analysis. For example, it is difficult to measure agent productivity per hour because agent reports cannot be broken down per hour. In addition, it is difficult to calculate incoming hourly and analyze historical incoming calls and it is difficult to see agent activities in detail," said Syara, Head of Customer Service at SiCepat Ekspres.

Syara has been joining SiCepat Ekspres since 2017, when she first joined as a call center agent. His ability in the field he is passionate about has made him entrusted to take on higher assignments, starting from being promoted to supervisor, assistant manager, and now head of customer service since 2021. The following year, in 2022, SiCepat Ekspres won the Best Customer Experience category. Team from SWA Magazine and Business Digest and The Best Technology Innovation from ICCA. Therefore, he is one of the people who knows and follows the development of customer service at SiCepat Ekspres.

To reach this point, SiCepat Ekspres has certainly innovated to overcome the system constraints it is experiencing. Syara said that to overcome these obstacles, SiCepat Ekspres decided to switch the system to Barantum in 2018.

"We decided to switch to Barantum with all the conveniences they offer, such as a cloud base equipped with a maintenance system, making it easier for the customization process and allowing us to focus more on maximizing service to customers," she said.

For almost 5 years, SiCepat Ekspres has consistently used the Barantum CRM Call Center system. Apart from the call center, currently the SiCepat Ekspres sales team also uses a CRM system.

"Barantum provides answers to the problems we face by providing solutions, namely a detailed and specific report. So, this makes it much easier for us to manage and analyze internal and external needs," explained Syara.

Syara added that the applications and features provided by Barantum are very easy to understand and use by the SiCepat Ekspres call center. The appearance of its attractive and eye-catching features makes it easier for call center agents to remember the existing functions and features and be comfortable using them.

More Optimum Services, Efficiency of SiCepat Ekspres Increases Up to 45%

The capability of the Barantum system is in line with SiCepat Ekspres performance which prioritizes effectiveness and efficiency. The existence of the Barantum system allows SiCepat Ekspres to implement IVR thereby increasing efficiency by up to 45%. “Incoming calls can be answered by IVR. From a customer service point of view, it's much easier because we can focus more on the quality of agents' answers to customers. In addition, there are various features that make customer service easier, especially our analysis team. Such as automation ensures calls, distribution calls, recording, spy calls, and custom wallboards," said Syara.

In line with this opinion, Muhammad Aulia Malsya Putra, Supervisor of the SiCepat Ekspres Call Center, who has been entrusted with holding this position since 2 years ago, has the same opinion. "The Barantum system is very user friendly among us because its features are very easy to use. Currently the IVR feature prepared by the Barantum team really helps agent productivity. Because it is able to assist in filtering out problems that enter the call center. So, for cases such as estimates or general questions, you can enter the IVR without having to ask a call center agent," he said.

According to Aulia, the Barantum system is very well used by other divisions or other companies. Because apart from having a good system, the service is also responsive. So when there is a problem you don't have to wait long.

"We are satisfied with the service from the Barantum team, where they are very helpful when we encounter problems and of course fast responses and solutions when we need their help," said Syara.

All-in-One CRM technology, which is in Barantum CRM, has helped thousands of companies in encouraging increased HR performance, increasing sales, improving productivity, and improving service to customers.

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