CRM application for sales team

Increase sales team productivity by up to 80% with Sales CRM application

Monitor all sales activities and your business team with superior features from Barantum

  • Customer Activity Management

  • Team Activity KPI Monitoring

  • Sales Management

  • Needs Customization

Contact Sales

Problems that are often experienced before using Barantum CRM

How does Barantum help increase sales productivity and make loyal customers?

Customer Management

Manage each customer personally and build loyalty

Know each customer's needs in the activity history timeline to build customer loyalty.

  • Lead Management

  • Contact Management

  • Organization Management

  • Customer Activity History

  • Lead Data API Integration

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Barantum - Aplikasi CRM Service - Fitur 2
Sales Management

Monitor sales performance with precise analysis

Monitor the progress of your business sales stages on one page in real-time.

  • Sales Pipeline

  • Sales Achievement Analysis

  • Multiple Pipeline

  • Sales Activity History

Report Management

Monitor the KPIs of each sales team objectively, accurately, and in real-time

Make a valid and fair performance appraisal of each of your staff based on reports of work done.

  • Monitor Staff Daily KPIs

  • Staff Revenue Target

  • Export achievement report

  • Analisis data tiap staf

  • Achievement dashboard

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Connect with customer needs from any channel

Simplify the sales process to customers with a system that can integrate all channels on one platform.

  • Message Integration

  • Social Media Integration

  • Call Center Integration

  • Other systems integration

Mobile Application

Make sales from anywhere, anytime

Support and facilitate the work activities of teams who carry out field visits with mobile applications that are easy to carry and use wherever they are.

  • Remote Sales

  • GPS Live Tracking

  • Report Realtime

  • Access data from anywhere

  • Available on iPhone & Android

  • Agenda Notifications

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Other Features

Product Management

Easily manage and monitor the availability of your business products in the system

Survey Management

Identify customer needs and their opinion about your business


Know where are the potential areas to sell your business products/services

Absen On The Go

Absence from anywhere with accurate GPS Tracking

Sales Script

Optimize and standardize team communication in one SOP


Customize forms and features according to your needs

Trusted by businesses of all types of industries

Hundreds of leading businesses from various types of industries have succeeded in developing their business with Barantum Omnichannel CRM & Call Center.

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Barantum is proven to be the answer to all your business productivity needs




Churn Rate




Churn Rate

With Barantum collaborating with SiCepat, we can achieve 45% efficiency because incoming calls can be answered by IVR.

Syara Head of Customer Service SiCepat Ekspress

Barantum has a flexible system and complete features to increase the productivity and performance of the Anteraja team.

Mutiara Muslim Head of Digital IT Office Anteraja

Barantum Omnichannel increases the productivity of the Oasis team in responding to customer inquiries from many channels.

Andri Dwi Yulianto Customer Service Assistant Manager PT Oasis Waters International

I have used various CRM applications, and Barantum is one whose interface is very easy for the team to understand.

Natali Ardianto Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Barantum centralizes data and customer service for PT Etos Indonusa, so that the ETOS customer database can be managed more easily.

Radhy Alfitra Head of Business Development PT Etos Indonusa

Since we use Barantum, the chat responds 30% faster than before, so it makes FCT very easy to get the job done.

Herlina FCT Manager Wall Street English

The Barantum team always responds quickly in serving the DGW team's problems within 24 hours from the various available communication channels.

Deni Dharmawan Marketing Communication Analyst PT Dharma Guna Wibawa (DGW)

The Barantum system prioritizes effectiveness so that it helps to achieve higher sales targets.

Fajar Nugroho Widiyanto General Manager Waterco

Barantum makes the system more systematic, data is well recorded, and easy to use, thereby increasing customer service productivity.

Daniel Jatnika Customer Service Manager PT Kompas Gramedia Xpress

Barantum features are complete and can monitor sales locations with GPS and Check In Check Out features. So you can calculate KPIs well and sales feel that their performance is appreciated.

David Chief Executive Officer PT Puma Elektrik Niaga
The Barantum team always responds quickly in serving the DGW team's problems within 24 hours from the various available communication channels.
Deni Dharmawan Marketing Communication Analyst PT Dharma Guna Wibawa (DGW)
Barantum features are complete and can monitor sales locations with GPS and Check In Check Out features. So you can calculate KPIs well and sales feel that their performance is appreciated.
David Chief Executive Officer PT Puma Elektrik Niaga

Frequently Ask Question

CRM application is a management application or software for managing relationships between businesses and customers. This app helps businesses build deeper relationships with customers. This will encourage increased customer service and business sales so that business profits will increase.

The main purpose of using a CRM application is to assist companies in managing and improving relationships with their customers, so as to increase customer satisfaction and increase company revenue.

The purpose of having a CRM is to get a good relationship with customers, namely by knowing as much information as possible about how the needs and behavior of customers is so that companies can improve their operational systems and improve their services.

That way companies can plan better marketing strategies in the future based on the data and information they collect with the CRM system.

The main benefit of using CRM application software is to make it easier to work in monitoring sales activity, customer data management, monitoring KPIs, tracking customer activity, managing customer experience, and much more. Following are the benefits of using a CRM application:

  • Track sales team and KPI (Key Performance Indicator)
  • Manage customer contact data
  • Able to increase customer retention
  • Can increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase sales
  • Improve work efficiency
  • Creating good team collaboration
  • Obtain accurate business reports and analysis in real time
  • Improve customer experience with Omnichannel CRM features
  • Expand customer reach with WhatsApp CRM

The following are examples of the use of CRM applications in business that can be carried out by companies:

  1. Providing an online chat system to make it easier for customers to communicate with customer service, such as using the Omnichannel Chat system which can connect all communication channels into one system.
  2. Provide a loyalty program system to provide rewards to loyal customers.
  3. Provide a product delivery tracking system to make it easier for customers to find out the status of their product shipments.
  4. Provide a customer satisfaction survey system to find out what needs to be improved in the business, such as by providing a customer satisfaction survey form or something else.
  5. Provide a monitoring system for customer activity on websites and social media to find out their preferences and habits.
  6. Provide a customer data management system, including contact information, transactions and interactions with companies such as using customer database management software.
  7. Provide a monitoring system and handling customer complaints.
  8. Provide a lead management system to identify and convert new business opportunities such as using lead management software.
  9. Provide monitoring system and market data analysis to understand customer needs and preferences.
  10. Provide a system for planning and implementing targeted marketing strategies to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Barantum CRM offers a very user friendly system interface so it is very easy to use for all ages and at a fairly affordable cost. Barantum CRM also has quite complete features, ranging from customer database management needs, sales management, ticket management, call center systems and omnichannel chat systems.

Barantum has also been trusted by hundreds of businesses and thousands of users in various corporate sectors. In addition, Barantum CRM is also available in the CRM mobile application so it is flexible and can be used anytime and anywhere.

Yes, you will be charged an investment fee of IDR 2 million per day to set up and implement the CRM system. The investment charged depends on the level of difficulty and complexity of the system to be implemented. In general, we maximize the implementation process in just 1 working day.

This setup and implementation stage is very important and crucial and requires a professional workforce to ensure the system runs smoothly according to your expectations and business needs.

We are always committed to providing the best service for our customers by providing implementations that suit business needs so that our system can help optimize your business.

The various advantages of Barantum CRM compared to other CRM are as follows:

  1. Unlimited Online Training

    Barantum provides unlimited online CRM usage training, so companies don't have to worry about adding new users or changing new users to their CRM system.

  2. Very Flexible Features

    You can adjust the flow and fields in the Barantum CRM system according to your needs and desires with a view that makes it easier for your agents and can make customizations to make business operations easier.

  3. Lifetime System Maintenance

    You will get lifelong system maintenance as well as new feature updates that are continuously added every month to provide the best CRM system with complete features for its customers.

  4. Free Consultation

    Barantum provides facilities for business and management consultations and adjusts the features used so that they can be adapted to your business needs.

  5. Fast & Responsive Service

    Barantum promises fast service or fast response for their customers and provides various customer services via telephone, messages and email during working hours.

Ready to maximize business performance with Barantum?