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Do You Have a Good Connections with Companies?

Currently Barantum invites anyone to join the Barantum Referral Program. A program that designed to help companies be able to convince, increase and expand Barantum's customer base.

Barantum offers you the opportunity to grow your business with the company and create a source of income for you

The Barantum Referral Program is a business opportunity for you to generate income by promoting developed products, that is Barantum CRM application and Barantum Call Center Software. This is certainly easy because all sectors of the goods and service industry are currently use CRM and Call Centers to provide a satisfying experience for their customers.

Benefits of being a referrals

It's time for you to join the Barantum Referral Program, because this is an opportunity for you to be part of one of the fastest growing companies in Indonesia. With a simple process that can provide you immediate benefits, include the additional income. Don't miss out on this golden opportunity, because if you don't start now someone else will.

Get Additional Income

Whenever you bring in a prospect who is willing to sign a contract with the company, Barantum is very happy to share part of the value of the deal with you. If the customer continues to sign a long-term agreement with Barantum CRM and Call Center, that means you are going to have potential long-term benefits.

The Ease of Promotion

Sometimes, promoting the premium products could be difficult. However, for the Barantum products with such a wide market share, all you have to do just provide information about the Barantum products to anyone who is considered to have business potential and is related to the use of the product. In other way, you could also share a referral link with them. Barantum will give you full support for your success.

Timely Payment

You could simply spread the news about Barantum CRM and Call Center Applications and then let Barantum follow up on your efforts. Barantum ensures the right payment for your convenience to work with us.

So what are you waiting for?

Don't hesitate to start over, try it and make your own luck. Make sure that the clients you have been refer to try the trial product, so that they can have a satisfying experience while doing business. You and your clients don't have to pay anything. It is just enough to try and give testimonials about the products that has been used.

Become a Barantum Referral Now

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