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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) works by creating a circle of communication between the company and its customers. Let’s say for example banking companies, almost all of their programs aim to keep existing of customers loyalty. In this article, we provide an example of CRM and how CRM Software works together include the video tutorial.  But first, we will give you an example of CRM Software and how it works?

We try to give you an overview of CRM Software. You can imagine if everything is connected and stored in an application that can cover everything, you will have the option to find out:

Where is your position in the bidding process with clients and how close you are to the agreement?
Who is on their team (your client) – so you can call B if A is unavailable.
Who are the members of your company who have contacted them and what they have said when contacting the client?
Where and what foods and drinks they like! Yeah … this is real!
What they post on their social media.
When someone next member/representative of your company will contact them.
What contracts do you agree with them and their competitors?
And much more…

And don’t forget that the CRM Software also connected together all of your data with all the team members in your company, so that everything is available in one place and you with other members can learn every data that is there.

You can try an example of CRM Software from

or if you want to know what is CRM

Let us see the introduction of Barantum CRM Software :

How CRM Software Works?

After we look at the introduction about CRM software Barantum, let’s find out how CRM works keep reading…

Many business owners, online or offline, are confused about why their business is not going well. And what happens instead is the lack of profit from the sale.

The results of sales are often different from expectations. This is because the sales process from the sales and marketing team is quite complicated or long. Moreover, the process involves customer data and history. The conventional sales process requires time for the sales team to process the data. The length of the process that must be passed, resulting in low productivity of the sales team at work. Companies also lose prospects because they feel that reaching the products they need is too complicated and the company’s response is too long.

Many large to medium-sized companies use the Barantum CRM Software because the workings of Barantum CRM can simplify the process and can be customized/personalized according to the needs of the Company so that work productivity becomes higher.

Features of CRM Software from Barantum that makes people love it.


Create deeper relationships with your customers using the first CRM Software in Indonesia to continue to be smarter, making you more productive and your customers happier.


CRM software account management

With Barantum CRM you can collaborate with your team on tasks. Schedule meetings or demos with prospects and customers, and get email alerts to remind you. Make quick notes against each contact; manage and share files. Also, you can assign roles to individuals who have varying levels of access such as custom views, download, edit among others.



CRM software features deals management
  1. Get Total Visibility into your Pipeline, we’ve built our software around a proven sales pipeline management methodology. The primary view is the pipeline, a clear visual interface that prompts you to take action, remain organized and stay in control of a complex sales process. This is why sales pros and deal makers love it.
  2. Easy to use, intuitive and always available, adding deals, contacts or activities to your pipeline is smooth with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface and foolproof menus. The visual layout of Barantum CRM Software ensures salespeople have the visibility they need at all times, and in all places.
  3. Clarity where it is needed most, in the pipeline view, deals are categorized by sales stage. This feature allows your team to develop a clear understanding of your sales momentum and priorities, and refocus efforts accordingly.



CRM software features activity management
  1. Focus on the details, if your Barantum CRM view is your main event or the big show, activities are what happens backstage: the lights, the rehearsals, and the direction. The success of your show lies in giving attention to the details of who is actively doing what behind the scenes.
  2. Fully customizable activity types, the CRM Software will supply you with a preset list of activity types, but we know that every business is unique. This is why we allow you to create as many activities as you need and customize them to best fit your sales process.



CRM feature sales reporting
  1. Get Sales Visibility through the CRM Software, out-of-the-box pipeline reports get you the insights you need to fine-tune your sales process over time and identify critical business issues that will improve team performance and optimize your sales and marketing funnel. Barantum CRM provides visibility for the entire sales process to give you powerful, out-of-the-box reporting and analytics in every aspect of your business.
  2. Always know what your team is doing, activity tracking allows you to see calls, emails, meetings, demos and calendar events by team or user. With quick filters, we make it easy to get a granular view of everything your team is working on so you can monitor performance and drive the right behavior to improve results.


GPS MEETING Check In – Check Out


CRM Software from Barantum, Add the Location and Time tags for each visit of your sales team, letting you analyze where and when each visit activity takes place.







Organize all documents in your CRM Software and share with other team members. Manage documents in each of your CRM modules. Barantum CRM handles documents electronically, from uploading, sharing, and editing the data.





CRM software features click to call
  1. Click to Call, easily click to call with local rates that are affordable and transparent. Make calls locally and internationally with ease from within contacts, companies deals or wherever within the platform.
  2. Conversation History, store and search entire conversation histories and have them logged or recorded for retroactive research. Calls and conversation histories are automatically logged and recorded based on settings.
  3. Phone activity reports, if you’re a sales manager, you’re constantly relying on reports to give you insights into your reps’ performance. Barantum CRM lets you create reports for various activities, including calls. Use phone activity reports to find out the number of outgoing calls made by each sales rep. Getting this data from the sales CRM is particularly invaluable when you’re analyzing the call-to-conversation rates.




Integrated with google calendar, and get automatic reminders of upcoming meetings






CRM features customizations
  1. Customize Everything, there’s more than one road to close a sale – the ball is in your court. You decide what customizations should be tailored to fit your company’s style and make selling an even better experience for your whole team.
  2. Add custom fields and pipeline stages, you can modify your sales pipeline stages and add as many custom fields as you’d like. Your business is unique, so the way you use Barantum CRM should reflect that.



mobile CRM software


Add meeting, call, notes, and appointments.  Take notes on your mobile device during a call or meeting, and they’ll instantly be accessible via the web app. Manage your schedule with our full day view scheduler that shows you where you have to be and when. Set up and access activity notifications directly from your device.

You can download Android Version on Google Play  and IOS version 



Barantum CRM Software is available in both Indonesia and English and available in all currencies.

Free CRM Software


We have seen how CRM Software works in video illustrations above, you can learn more about Barantum CRM that is recommended by Google here or you can also see articles about CRM and their benefits for your Business.

If you want to try the CRM Software for free, you can register for a free trial CRM directly at Barantum has been trusted by hundreds of Companies in Indonesia and as a pioneer of the CRM industry in Indonesia, Barantum guarantees the quality of CRM and Call Center Applications that can be integrated and all is based on cloud server system so that it will save your Company budget.

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