Moka POS Maximizes Employee Performance Potential & Easily Measures KPIs with the Barantum CRM Call Center

Barantum CRM helps Moka POS management easier to monitor and control each division.

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Moka POS is a cloud-based point of sale system that can help with offline sales activities. Moka POS is here to answer the needs of the community in a recording system related to product sales and stock.

Seeing the rampant development of MSMEs in Indonesia, Moka POS is trying to make selling easier. The services contained in Moka POS contain complete features, ranging from daily transactions, promotional activities, storage and inventory management, to access to dashboards and reports in real time.


Increasingly known by the wider community, Moka POS requires a system that is able to assist the customer service process. Not only that, to support more advanced companies, Moka POS requires a system capable of tracking sales.


In providing optimal service, Moka POS entrusts the Barantum CRM system. Moka POS has Barantum CRM and Call Center as a solution to the challenges faced.

  • CRM Integrated
    As a system that helps sales activities, Moka POS requires a system that is able to unify all data. Seeing this need, Barantum CRM helps Moka POS operations by presenting a centralized system so that all data can be seen on one platform.
  • Activity Management
    Each sales transaction activity requires detailed recording. With Barantum CRM, companies can see all data, including activities carried out by each agent. So that all operational activities can be carried out in real time.
  • Call Center
    With the Barantum CRM Call Center, companies can manage incoming calls for each agent. So that customers will be immediately diverted to agents who have finished receiving previous customer calls.
  • Report Management
    Ease of accessing and obtaining data is crucial for companies. With the Barantum system, companies can get all transaction data made in real time. So that the company is able to evaluate the business quickly and accurately.


In running a business, a system that can support financial records is one of the important things that needs attention. The more advanced technological developments, present a system that is able to record finances properly so that it can easily measure the company's profit and loss.

Moka POS takes advantage of these technological advances, namely by applying the Barantum CRM. Regardless of the type of business, be it a cafe, coffee shop, clothing store, accessories store, salon, or barbershop, all data recording is easy to do.

Data information can be directly updated or edited into the system. This information can be viewed in real time. Thus, each staff can monitor the latest data information through the system.

Use of the Barantum Call Center System, used by operators, sales, customer success divisions and also support divisions. The use of this system makes it easier for each staff to coordinate directly with each other in one system. That way, work becomes more effective.

The report pro feature (Wallboard) call center coordinator can monitor all call center activities from agents who are making/receiving calls, who are inactive, total calls in real time, abandoned calls, call queues, agent status, and many more.

Barantum CRM helps Moka POS management easier to monitor and control each division. Every task that is done is completely recorded into the system. This allows management to assess KPIs fairly.

Mudahnya alur kerja berdampak positif pada kinerja staf Moka POS. Kemudahan sistem yang digunakan meningkatkan efisiensi setiap divisi untuk melakukan pekerjaannya. Hal itu berdampak pada pengalaman pelanggan yang memuaskan dan lebih terjamin.

The ease of workflow has a positive impact on the performance of Moka POS staff. The ease of use of the system increases the efficiency of each division in carrying out its work. This has an impact on a satisfying and more secure customer experience

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