What is Call Center?

Our Call Center (CC) solution is an evolution of call center functions. Over time, your organization’s need for customer involvement tends to increase. Previously, customers only had voice channels for real-time communication with businesses, so the call center only needed voice capabilities. Now, because the customer option to communicate has now expanded to become email, live chat and text, so we as a company that provides the best CRM solutions and the best call centers in Indonesia feel the need to respond according to current customer needs, and up to date with progress technological development. This request has spurred the evolution of the platform through the involvement of our Call Center customers.

What does the Call Center do?

Call Center software provides your company with a set of powerful and flexible tools to enhance the customer engagement experience for every form of communication including voice, text, or chat. This solution empowers your agent with instant information on their desktop about who is calling, so it will improve tzhe customer experience.

Contact resolution – First Call Resolution (FCR) and reduce call time. The Call Center will reduce additional costs by assisting your supervisor and agent in managing resources more efficiently without sacrificing customer satisfaction. It offers a customizable experience for administrators and agents including dashboards, reports, and screens that appear with database integration. Call Center is also integrated with almost all platforms (IP PBX) and databases and all are integrated with cloud systems.


Call Center Software

With a Call Center

Your organization must continually strive to improve efficiency when providing customer service without compromising quality levels. The Call Center will empower your agent with detailed data about your customer contacts on your monitor screen or even your cellphone. The Call Center has the ability to utilize integration with CRM collected through IVR call streams to display relevant and powerful information on the desktop to enable FCR.

While building toward more efficient and pleasant customer engagement, your Call Center manager must find new ways to improve the experience of callers and their agents while managing staff levels efficiently. The Call Center provides administrative tools for workforce management that allow your manager to offer information and tools to your agent that can reduce requests for previously collected data and automate routine and time-consuming tasks.


How to use the Call Center?

Your company can use the Call Center for a number of customer engagements, the most prominent customer service, outgoing sales, technical support, and incoming sales orders. You can implement the Call Center as simple as a small call center with voice interaction only, or as a full-featured omnichannel call center that combines voice, live web chat, SMS, email, IVR, custom CRM integration, and more. Call Centers can be used with scale companies from 5 agents to more than 1,000 with any or all features implemented. In short, you can use the Call Center in whatever way best supports the needs of your organization.

call center software

Barantum as a Call Center Software

Barantum as a call center software sevice provider is the best call center solution for many companies in Indonesia. The technology used by Barantum is the latest technology with the most complete features available today and can be integrated with CRM. A cloud-based system, it is one of the reasons why many companies choose Barantum. By using Call Center with cloud system, Company can save a large amount of budget. No need to buy hardware and software. Data security is also an advantage as well as periodic updates and there is no concern for data loss due to damaged hardware.

Request your demo schedule at www.barantum.com.

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